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Townhall Aftermath.

Posted in Everyday life with tags , on 08.22.2010 by Redporno.Quinn

A totally late post. But anyway…

Okay, so for the last couple of weeks of July, I got preoccupied with doing the needed program for our townhall, like what I posted before, I was in charged of doing the PowerPoint presentation, video, music and picture editing, and during the whole show, I was the one navigating everything. A lot of stuff came up before and during the show but somehow, we were able to pull it all thru.

So anyway, during the pre-presentation, I had to fix the whole PowerPoint on the spot since I can’t do it at home because all of the needed infos for it are at work *faaaaaaaaaaail* I had, like around two hours and a half to do it, a total rush. Seriously, I was not satisfied with my work.

my wtf-ohnoes face D8

Also, another problem that occurred before the show was that, the videos that I converted to .AVI wasn’t working . I was in a shock, since it took me a whole week ( and I had to be absent for a day and sleepless for the rest of week ) just to finish doing those. Good thing though, one of my coworker had her ties with the local I.T. people, and this guy was able to help me out with my problem with the videos. He installed ( illegally ;; ) a different movie player in the computer that I was using so that we could use the videos. Had to delete that application right after the show though.

Obviously, I’m the gay perzan in the skull dress and glasses, we were camwhoring while the I.T. did his magic :3

So with that problem solved, our townhall started.

The nest problem that we encountered was, the projector’s remote was not working. Ugh. It was actually part of the plan to use the remote to turn off the projector while I changed applications – because despite the fact that I’m using the ALT+TAB shortcut, its still not a good thing to see how I do it in front of the audience. I got really frustrated with that one, plus, I was having a hard time to not let the audience see the judge’s scores, since I had to literally type the scores on the spot as well. Those last two problems wasn’t solved and I was down right sad with it.

Everyone said though, that I did a great job with everything, the effort that I gave was really appreciated.

I don’t know. I wasn’t personally satisfied and somehow, I promised myself that next time, it would all be better. The glitches this time was really bad, next time, If there would be glitches, it would be minor that no one would notice. Since I’m not totally perfect and I’m still learning everything.

There is still a next time, I know. >3



Posted in Everyday life with tags , , on 12.25.2009 by Redporno.Quinn

I showed my brother my newly bought camera when he showed me what he and his girlfriend bought for christmas.

A Sony DSC-H20, and let me just say, it was really a great camera – I was so envious ( ; A ; )

Damn you aniki *cries*


Posted in Addictions with tags , , , , , , , , on 12.22.2009 by Redporno.Quinn

I think I saw someone at LJ say that a company will be releasing poster sizes (?) of these:

it was I think around 5,555 yen..GOD, moneyz please ( ; A ; )


Posted in Everyday life with tags , on 12.16.2009 by Redporno.Quinn

Something that I need to take every single day.
One of each plus once a day application of that cream sachet on top.

A need to re-vamp.

Posted in Everyday life with tags , on 12.06.2009 by Redporno.Quinn

I’m planning to re-vamp this site, when I get enough time to do so,

I want to change the layout if I could ( God please help me try to do my own layout ;; ) and add a few needed ( and pretty necessary pages ).

Plus, a little one needs her own little page too ♥


Posted in Everyday life with tags , , on 11.25.2009 by Redporno.Quinn

I need it.
I want it.
And I’m having migraines without it.











130 cases baby.

Posted in Everyday life with tags , on 05.28.2009 by Redporno.Quinn

I did 130 cases during yesterday’s shift.

..who the hell am I kidding?!

Even though the challenge of doing a lot of cases got to me, the thought of having a more bigger target feels like the end of me.

Think of it: I’m doing an average of 65 – 130 cases a day, depending if I did an OT or not.
It’s the issue of doing something that I might not be able to reach during a certain period of time, times when I’m not in the mood at all.

Or maybe during the times that I’m too preoccupied to do anything at all – because even if they always say that you should leave your problems at home, you can’t do that all the time since you’re only human.

I can do this. For now.


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