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Dietrich <3

Posted in Everyday life with tags on 08.22.2010 by Redporno.Quinn

I got a new baby, btw :D

It’s Dietrich, a Samsung B3310. I know, I’m not a total Phone geek but its been years since I was able to get my hands on a phone that I’d really love ( and prolly the first that I bought using my own cash too ). No Wifi though but its got a Wap. Im thinking of an upgrade but thats not my priority as of now.

Im not really sure were I got the name Dietrich. It just popped up of my mind all of a sudden while I was thinking of a name – something different from the usual Japanese names that I use ( my mp3’s name is Ryomou and my DSLite is Mono Shiro ;; ).

Anyway, I’m just happy <3


New Header up!

Posted in Addictions with tags , , , on 08.16.2010 by Redporno.Quinn

Just a quick change here, I was planning on changing the header for the longest time (I think I’ve said that before ;;) and haven’t got the chane to make a decent one for weeks since I was either busy or….the pc wasn’t available for my usage.

Anyway, for now, I made a really simple one featuring one of my favorite characters from the anime Ikki Tousen, Shimei Ryomou – a shy and timid girl, always the serious type. However, she’s got a split personality – a psychosexual one that dresses up in sexy french maid outfits with a hint of bondage, specializes  in submission wrestling moves, throws, and joint attacks, which she uses with her weapon of choice: handcuffs. ( i know, pretty kinky ;; ).

Anyway, I might change it again one of these days when I get the chance, but I’d still be featuring Shimei.


okay…i guess this is the first time I’ve used a female-a-bit-ecchi-looking type of header ;;

Mamegoma Family ♥

Posted in Addictions with tags , , on 06.22.2010 by Redporno.Quinn

Though I don’t look like it, I love collecting mamegomas ( yes, I know, they look like little fishes or seals, but they’re cute, right? RIGHT?!).

Newly added white mamegoma – Shirogoma ♥ (Who can ever resist that face <33)

Okay, so maybe I’m just spamming it here, sorry, got nothing else to say.


Totally random.

Posted in Addictions with tags , , on 06.13.2010 by Redporno.Quinn

Okay, I’ve been a little bit of a scatterbrain lately, I know, might be because of the fatigue and stress I’ve been getting.

It’s unhealthy, I know.

I’ve been trying to entertain myself in some way that I could, I mean, I couldn’t just let my problems get the best of me, right? that’s so not me.

here’s my bed (blue sheets, LOL). That’s how my bed looks like every time I pack up and go visit Louisse.

Lollipops that I bought at the local grocery. I love lollipops, believe me, somehow, whenever I eat one, I can have this little moment of happiness <3 That’s why I always need to have at least one of it a day. ( OHAI Diabetes ;;)

Two different tridents of Mukuro / Chrome: one really sharp and one chibi, LOL. The sharp one’s broken though ;A; (both given to me <3 thanks guys! )

This is <333 I got it from a random thrift store near my place, good thing it’s my size too :D

well, that’s it for this post, gotta sleep now <3

Posted in Addictions with tags , , , , , on 05.23.2010 by Redporno.Quinn

starting at two, I was really not suppose to put up anymore poster over at my place, but, when I saw these two, I just can’t resist it. I’m planning to add more, since I saw more mukuro posters over at comic alley <3

sorry, just fangirling.

Hope they’d have more byakuran posters too. > 3>


crappy picture is crappy, sorry >_<

New arcade addiction: DJ MAX TECHNIKA

Posted in Addictions with tags , , on 05.23.2010 by Redporno.Quinn

I’m not a total gamer, I mean, I’d probably say that I’m pretty much a newbie at almost most of the games. Though there are but a few titles that I love to play ( The Guilty Gear series, Rival School series, Top Skater (which I think has been removed from most game places ;A;), Random racing games, Silent Scope, King of Fighters series) I’m not really good at playing any of these, and I know that most of the time, the reason that I win at these games, it all just good luck. (or maybe, MAYBE, I’m just raging or something.)

But, anyway, I saw this pretty new game over at timezone called Dj Max Technika. It’s this dj -like game that has this pretty catchy tunes that can call anyones attention – sorry, not that good at doing intros >_<

OH! By the way, I CAN HAZ *insert drumrolls*

a DJ MAX Technika Data Card!!! <33

It’s the very first time that I actually bought a data card for a certain arcade game, never thought I’d instantly get this addicted right after looking and playing it a few times

I’m trying to practice it when I have some extra time.

Byakuran. 100.

Posted in Addictions, Everyday life with tags , , , , on 05.17.2010 by Redporno.Quinn

Ok, In celebration to all the 10069 doujins that I’ve been seeing lately, I did another theme change.

It’s not yet done though, I’m prolly gonna do some other changes here, if my schedule would only permit me. Anyway, My featured character for now will be, like I said, Byakuran – Millefiore Boss and wannabe God :D


This will be a pretty good practice for me and my work.


I was suppose to add mukuro to the header but I think it’ll be too crowded already to add another character so I decided to just use one. And also, no, I have no intention whatsoever to change my site’s title.


cute neko-byakuran is cute, btw :D

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