Brief Summary.

I know, I haven’t updated for almost a year. I just felt so lazy updating this, especially now that I barely have any access to any computer with an internet connection that I could use for free.  (no, I don’t like using my phone to update this site).

I probably need a month or two to fix this whole site (again) including my Live journal account so I can update them more comfortable (in my part).

So for the past few months, what had happened to me? I was able to attend this year’s Hot Air Balloon event over at Pampangga,  meet more people, celebrated my first year anniversary with my sweetheart, got my DSL, Camera, Phone, and wallet stolen in different accounts. Celebrated someone’s birthday at Jolibee ( this one just happened yesterday ).

So what else..AH! I joined in a cosplay group again after eons of years!

I’ll try to tell more of these stuff next time. (WHEN I have enough time to do so.) For now I still have to prepare for work.

Bye! :D


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