Audacity and the presentation ( and a little bit more )

We use to have this monthly townhall – an hour (or so…) of programs, presenting the process’ progress over the weeks and to know who of all the agents were really doing their job.

But when this year started, the management decided to make the townhall a quarterly event instead of the usually monthly thing. Reason? to save up enough money for other stuff and to make the townhall a bit more exciting than usual, since its now a quarterly thing ( this, of course, is in my own opinion only ;; ).

So now, our team is in charge of the upcoming townhall for this quarter, with our team mate, Rhy in charge of the whole thing. He, in the mean time, gave me the honors of doing all the technical stuff ( back to the shadows as usual 8D ). Well. he also gave me the choice of doing any random performances to entertain the crowd, but sadly, I’m not the entertainer type so its better off that I’m the technical guy :D

Anyway, right now, I’m working on the sounds, had to cut out some parts and stuff. My brother told me to use to program called Audacity, but I fail at it obviously since it’s my first time using said application ;;

Lol, Plurk at the background. But, yeah, that’s how my screen almost looks like right now, had some notes, listening to some party music to figure out what more to use for the program and crap.

Hope I’d be able to finish all of this with a week and a half or so ):

– – – –

Oh, and yeah, I’m kinda enjoying the playlist that my colleague lended me, LOL, party, house and trance all in one <3


2 Responses to “Audacity and the presentation ( and a little bit more )”

  1. rachidian Says:

    i like the screenshot :) yeah!
    gumagamit din ako ng audacity for recording purposes.. kaso to export an mp3 file you have to download an extra dll pa… pero ayos lang din :D

    • lol, super busy kasi ako nung time na un kaya naging ganyan ung itsura nung screen ko, totoo yan :D wala ako nung pang mp3, madalian kasi kaya naka .wav format lang lahat ng ginawa ko D:

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