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Mamegoma Family ♥

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Though I don’t look like it, I love collecting mamegomas ( yes, I know, they look like little fishes or seals, but they’re cute, right? RIGHT?!).

Newly added white mamegoma – Shirogoma ♥ (Who can ever resist that face <33)

Okay, so maybe I’m just spamming it here, sorry, got nothing else to say.



Totally random.

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Okay, I’ve been a little bit of a scatterbrain lately, I know, might be because of the fatigue and stress I’ve been getting.

It’s unhealthy, I know.

I’ve been trying to entertain myself in some way that I could, I mean, I couldn’t just let my problems get the best of me, right? that’s so not me.

here’s my bed (blue sheets, LOL). That’s how my bed looks like every time I pack up and go visit Louisse.

Lollipops that I bought at the local grocery. I love lollipops, believe me, somehow, whenever I eat one, I can have this little moment of happiness <3 That’s why I always need to have at least one of it a day. ( OHAI Diabetes ;;)

Two different tridents of Mukuro / Chrome: one really sharp and one chibi, LOL. The sharp one’s broken though ;A; (both given to me <3 thanks guys! )

This is <333 I got it from a random thrift store near my place, good thing it’s my size too :D

well, that’s it for this post, gotta sleep now <3

Purple glasses.

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I use to wear glasses before.

I had poor eyesight since elementary and my mother decided to get me a pair of glasses as soon as I got into high school, I can still remember it back then, a pair of red oval glasses, those were my first pair.  I was nearsighted and also had astigmatism.

By the way: I’m a pretty clumsy person. I’ve either lost, broke or misplaced a lot of my glasses, thats why almost every quarter, I’ve got a new pair. As for contacts, well, i’ve owned a pair of hazel brown ones, gradeless, and a lot of disposable transparent and graded ones, which I need especially during those times at OJT ( I kinda got scared that my glasses would fall off while I was in the operating room so I really needed those contacts. )

I’ve also owned a pair of amethyst gradeless contacts, and now a pair of brown-ish red.

Right now though, for the very first time, I’ve bought my very own pair of glasses. I’ve been itching to have one since last year but I always fail to buy one and yeah, there’s another reason I’d rather not say (no, its not because I don’t have any money whatsoever ). But anyway, I bought one, just a few weeks back:

I had a bit of problem choosing a frame that would fit me, same goes with the color – I wanted either a black ( always had black or silver ones ;; ) or purple ones and I ended up having this little one.

So now, that’s how I look, together with my short hair ( that grows too slow for my comfort >_< ) and my new purple glasses.

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