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Miracle Train.

Posted in Addictions with tags on 04.21.2010 by Redporno.Quinn

I was looking for some yaoi one shots when I found this anime called The Miracle Train. Well, the cover consist of guys so I was thinking thatmaybe it’s a bit of a shounen-ai so I bought without any idea what-so-ever of it’s story line and stuff.

I just finished watching episode one and seems okay, comedy, which is a genre that I prefer right now.

*continues watching…*


Kuroshitsuji II: Monoshitsuji

Posted in Addictions with tags , on 04.18.2010 by Redporno.Quinn

I’ve heard long before that Kuroshitsuji was going to have a second season, though I never thought that the second season would literally mean a whole new story, new storyline, new characters and I guess a more better art? LOL

Anyway, for anyone who haven’t had the chance to see the new trailer yet, here it is:

The whole story seemed so serious, but anyway, lets all just watch out.

It’ll be released this July 2010, just a few more months of waiting, yay!

OzineFest 2010

Posted in Addictions with tags , , on 04.16.2010 by Redporno.Quinn

For the very first time after almost a year ( more or less ) I attended (and even went inside ) a cosplay event, TWICE – for two days. LOL.

Anyway, I was really planning on going there during the second day, Saturday, but decided otherwise when Nikki said she was also going.  Too bad though coz she didn’t make since she wasn’t feeling any good during those two days. So, together with two of my close buds, Yiaz and Janus (later joined but Kuya Jake) we entered the event and looked around for other RTD groupies.

We saw Kune, who was on stage during that time, dancing to some K-pop tunes (LOL, sorry, am really not a K-music fan). We also were able to meet up with Denz, Kachan, Tej, Earl and his girlfriend and we all ended up at Metrowalk afterward. Got home around two in the morning.

I was able to get myself a KHR Mist Guardian Ring ( YAY ♥♥♥ ) and even if it’s pretty big for any of my fingers, I still am wearing it, woohoo~ 8D ( Sorry guys, as anyone can see, I’m a huge 69 fan 8DDDD )

I was hoping of getting a Mukuro plushie or keychain other than what I already have but I found none (  ;3; )

The following day I wasn’t suppose to go out anymore since I felt really tired but, again, decided otherwise again since I wanted to see Dycee and others.

I went straight to Dycee’s condo and had a bit of a chat before we went to the event.

When we got there, we found Kachan, Tej, Azhrien and Mara with her two friends. Later on, I was pretty lucky to find Sibey, Mao and Camil, I even get to see a lot of old acquaintances that I haven’t seen for a long time.

The day ended with me just going home, not the usual, go to some place to drink or something, I just wanted to rest. It was really good to see everyone again, hope I’d still get the chance to see the others soon.

Reboraji again 8D

Posted in Everyday life with tags , , , on 04.06.2010 by Redporno.Quinn

Oh hi! I’m here at my parent’s house right now.

Anyway, I’m leeching my brother’s net ( 8D ) and is currently downloading some Reboraji episodes ( Iida-san’s is a ‘guest’ there most of the time as Gokkyun would always put it 8D ) over at Livejournal (promoting the hitman_reborn community over at Lj, if you’re a fan of Katekyo Hitman Reborn, then join in! ♥ ) and checking some of the games that my brother downloaded for me.

Anyway, I’m still not done fixing Louisse’s site so I might try doing it now that I have the chance to do so.

—- ♠


I personally think that Gokkyun bullying Iida-san is really cute, uke iida-san, if only he was younger 8D definitely the opposite of who he was dubbing for >D ( kufufufufufu~ )

get it? ♥

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