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Posted in Everyday life on 01.31.2010 by Redporno.Quinn

Boredom kills.

Yes, I’m dead bored but I can’t do much about it. either I’d just read or write something, draw or play or something.
It’s really unnerving.  I have to wait since it drawing near.


I’d like too…

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I’d like to do a lot of things once I’m ready again.

I’d like to have another ear pierce if possible, maybe even get a tattoo if I could but I guess that would be pretty impossible until a few more years.
I’d like to look for another place to live in, maybe at the north or still here in the south.

I’d like to go out more again, like before, but I know it’ll be hard because of Louisse ( she can go with me if she wants too ;; ).
I’d like to see everyone again ♥
I’d like to go somewhere far from the people that I’m always with every single day.

hello sunrise, we’ll see each other soon~

Minish Cap.

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I’ve always wanted to play Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap and I’m almost done with it ♥

Scrapbooking 2

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I think I’ve mentioned before ( here ) that I will be posting the outcome of my scrapbooking.

Well, I have the results here:

I’ve got a feeling that it’s either I put pictures too much on one page or over-design >_<;;

but not all of the pages at my scrapbook are like that, those are just some of the pages ^^

Gotta say, doing this stuff is pretty fun :3


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I’ve been collecting these since I started living here in my apartment.

I’m not a total earth-friendly type of person but I guess it would be to bothersome in someways if I just threw these all away.


Tarot Card.

Posted in Everyday life with tags on 01.09.2010 by Redporno.Quinn

I had a tarot card reading the other day, despite it being a bit expensive.
But according to some random sources, they have never changed they’re price for reading people stuff for over 5 years now so I guess its pretty okay.
and plus, they’re not like those you commonly see around Quipo church wherein you can have your reading (either palm, tarot, etc.,) for more or less 50php to 100php.

Anyway, it was 300php for the first 10 minutes and 100php for the additional 5 minutes.
you can ask any question during the time of the reading.
I was able to ask three question: one regarding my relationship, second regarding my mom and third regarding my job.

So far, I gotta admit that I was fairly satisfied with the answers that I’ve got from my questions, I know and the reader already told me before that these are only readings and that everything will still depend on the decisions that I make.

well, I guess, still, having your life read thru a bunch of cards isn’t that bad.

Eccentric Felicity: a KadajxYazoo fic

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I found my very first ever yaoi fic that I’ve made years back.
It was mainly just an experiment to see if I was even capable to writing one ;; But anyway, I did succeed and I love it.
Maybe it needs just a little tweak here and there. *think*
anyway, here’s the whole story:

Eccentric Felicity

Warning: yaoi / incest

Pairings: kadajXyazoo

A/n: First yaoi ficcie of mine that will also be posted in my blog. Thanks again Nikko nii-chan! Sorry if I have to write this. I’m obsessed with Kadaj. A little with Yazoo. I’m crazy. I’m a bit of a yaoi girl. Combine it all and what do you get?


A ruffle of a cloth. A blanket maybe.

It is already morning but it feels as if it is still night.

The shine of the sun passes through the cave and bounces off the stalactites and stalagmites, radiating it to the creatures inside.

But stillness remains.



Everything seems placid. Too motionless.

Too idle.

Except for a ruffle, giving the impression that there is someone or something inside the white cave-like structure.

Two porcelain skinned bodies lay inside. Covered only by a single brown blanket.

Both unclothed.

Both sweaty.

Both tired from the sex that had happened the night before.

“…Ne Kadaj, are you awake?”


Kadaj slithered an arm around his lover’s waist, pulling the body closer to his.

“Where is Loz?” Kadaj whispered from his koi’s ear.

“Playing around…I guess.”

“Oh? Does it mean that we have the whole place to ourselves?”

The longhaired man smirked. He turned his body, unclad and uncovered, to the other. He placed a hand to the flawless face of Kadaj and proceeded to stroke it slowly.


“We can’t stay like this all day. You know that. Yazoo.”


Kadaj pulled the other for a kiss.

It was slow.

Tongues danced as hands searched.

It was getting rougher.

It was a matter of dominance between the two.

A hand went to Yazoo’s head.




Both bodies rolled, putting the shorthaired man on top of the other.

Kadaj started to trail down Yazoo’s neck, kissing and nipping it slightly.

The longhaired man slid a hand down the other’s back. Pleasure could be visible from his face.

No one else can give him such satisfaction and gratification then that shorthaired man. He has this certain fascination with Kadaj’s charisma. Something that he hasn’t seen in their third companion, or in their aniki (1). Something incomparable and unusual.

An overwhelming sensation swept over him as his lover touched his manhood.

He saw Kadaj smirk at him before continuing his lavishing. He proceeded to lick Yazoo’s groin, producing a low moan from the longhaired one. Kadaj continued to lick up his lovers’ penis before finally doing a full blowjob.

Yazoo gripped the blanket as the pleasure engulfed his senses.

Moaning low moans of desire.


But Kadaj didn’t release his hold. Instead, he swallowed his lover’s hot cum. Then he went to the other’s lips and did another kiss. But this time, it was softer.



As if trying to taste each other.

Sweat was starting to show.

The heat was intense.

But then, Kadaj pulled away. He laid his head on Yazoo’s chest, listening to the other’s heartbeat. Then he closed his eyes.

Yazoo glanced at the man laid above him and smiled, unknowing to the other. He stroked Kadaj’s silver hair and planted a kiss on his head.

“Rest, my love…”

a/n: ok, I can’t believe myself that I just wrote something like this. It’s been struck in my head for a while. sigh read and review….


Oh, btw, just case someone ever asked, yes, I’m a huge fan of incest yaoi ♥ :D