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I want oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♥♥♥

( * A * )



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I went home last friday, luckily, we didn’t have any shift during then – so I dropped by my parent’s place to spend some quality time for a change.

I had the same usaul greeting my my dad, yes, the usual, it never changed (my dad loves to nag so we really have to live with it.)

Anyway, I ended spending the night there.

My mom wanted me to take some food home.

No. wait.

Actually, it almost seemed like she wanted me to take their whole fridge home, she keeps on telling me to take the hotdogs, the homemade pattis, even the 1.5 liter sodas to my place and I told her that I can’t drink those yet ;;

My brother and his girlfriend meanwhile gave me this:

which turned out to be this:

now, I have two comforters ;;

But anyway, thanks aniki and percy~

Things still didn’t change even if I haven’t gone home for a few months, They’re still the same.


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I showed my brother my newly bought camera when he showed me what he and his girlfriend bought for christmas.

A Sony DSC-H20, and let me just say, it was really a great camera – I was so envious ( ; A ; )

Damn you aniki *cries*

Christmas Eve at the Office

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Okay so I’ll be spending my Christmas eve at the office.

It would have been much better if we could somehow bring some gadgets at the floor but that seems pretty impossible. Now, a lot of people are planning to go on SL during tonight’s shift just to be with their family when the clock strikes 12.

In my case, I’ve told my family that I’ll be dropping by during Christmas day instead.



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I think I saw someone at LJ say that a company will be releasing poster sizes (?) of these:

it was I think around 5,555 yen..GOD, moneyz please ( ; A ; )

For the LULZ.

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I don’t have the time to follow the manga, thats why I only wait for the series, that’s really true, no jokes there since I still don’t have any pc at my place.

That’s also one of the reasons why I wanted to collect the manga now ;;


Fran, you’re totally EPIC. ILU~♥

Mangas ♥

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Petshop of Horrors (missing: 5 volumes)

Trinity Blood / including novels (missing: 8 or more?)

Ragnarok: Into the Abyss (missing: none, since the manwha is on hold by the artist, also, the other half was left at my other house ;;)

Some of my manga collection…

I also want to collect Reborn! once if only I could complete my Trinity Blood and Pet shop of Horrors first >_<

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