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I need it.
I want it.
And I’m having migraines without it.












New Moon.

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Nope. Nada. Nien. (…was that right? ;;)

Not a fan, sorry guys.

I do admit that yes I like to watch vampire movies, but not this one. Don’t know why though…maybe because of all the love is in the air theme of it, even if there are random whatevers between the vamps and the ‘wolfs – though I’ve got to admit that the whole ‘changing-into-a-werewolf-thing’ by that…jacob guy…well, his werewolf versions’ cute, just like a huge siberian husky or something. I’d like to own a dog like that :D

well, to the point. I’m not a Twilight (Saga) fan, remember, okay? :D


I’ve tried to watch the first movie but…well, whatever.



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I was wondering way way back if scrapbooking would be a good idea, the stuff you usually for it is pretty expensive, that’s for sure, but for a person who likes doing stuff –  artistically even though said persons’ isn’t an artist by profession only by heart – this is something that I can’t resist trying

So I bought a few stuff and a medium sized scrapbook from Papemelroti and try my scrapbooking skills 9 which I will seriously be needing later on )

As you guys can see from the above picture ( minus my DS and the EK ticket ) it was pretty messy

I’ll try to take a picture of the final outcome of this ‘test’ ;3

*doing the scrapbook while paying Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney*



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Something that I’ve been ‘eyeing’ since I first saw it. pretty huge hairclips, actually, but, I like the…. :D



Mono and Cano~ ♥

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I should have posted this one      last week, but dear sir lazyness had me falling down my bed and, either I was too busy lazy-ing up or playing my new handheld game console.

I had always wanted to own a handheld game console, since the wish to have my own mp3 or ipod had already come true thanks to most people, owning a camera, a handheld game console and a laptop or desktop had to come in place for the second wish.

For a person who’s not much into taking her own pictures, the thought of buying a camera first had been but a blur, but since I had to have one for an online business, it because a necessity. Owning a pc, now that’s important. Not only because I love to go online most of the times or because of my have-to-be-updated sites, but also because its much of a hassle for me to go down my pad and to an computer shop most of the days just to go online. Plus I also need it for my online business, of course.

Owning a handheld game console, for me, now that’s a wish, since I’m a person who gets bored a lot, and though I have a music, I also need my gaming. I’m not a total game addict but I love games a lot. I had to think between getting a Sony PSP, either a slim or what’s the latest, or the Nintendo DS or DS Lite – but the DS was really on the top of the list, since most of the games that I’d love to play is on the DS.

But I’d go second hand since getting a first hand..well, I had problems with it – too expensive, my wallet will surely get lonelier with a more expensive one, right? An I guess I don’t have any worries with buying a second hand since I always try to look around first before getting it :3

So, anyway, I got a DS Lite now; named Mono Shiro, btw ( and I have no idea where I got the name – from what I remember, shiro was because of it’s color XD )

As you guys can see, I was charging it during that time

Also, I bought a Canon Powershot A470. I wanted to get a Sony cybershot but, since I’ve got limited funds, I went and bought a lower version…well, anyway, it’s still a good camera ;3

Cano~ :D

So now, all I need to save up on is either a laptop or a desktop, whichever would come first….but I guess, getting a desktop would be better than a laptop, right?




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