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I decided to take a leave today ( oct 27 ) since its my late sister’s birthday, and also, I was starting to get a bit burnedout from work.

It wasn’t on the original plan but, I went to Jo’s place to hang out and sleep over since  been like months since I last saw her ( I missed her * A * ) I was even lucky enough to see Chai again, still tall as ever. Just a bit sad that she had to go early thought ; A ;

I think this will be the last sleepover I’d be doing for this year, I’m getting lazier and lazier by the minute and since I now have a DS, I’d be staying more at my place to play rather then just do marathons now :3



I named my DS Mono Shiro. I forgot why I named it Mono, but I got the last name Shiro from it’s color <3


First Year ♥

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He remembered!!!

I never even thought he would ♥


Last loan.

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Mukurou! ♥

Mukurou! ♥

I got this today, yay! I’ve always wanted one since I first saw it over Lj the other month,.

Anyway, I got up way too earlier than expected today. Okay, I needed to get up early to get my pay [since it’s pay day XD ] though I pretty much know that getting less time of sleep isn’t really good for me [dude, it’s like 2-3, more or less, hours of sleep, I need about an average of 8 or more hours of sleep a day ;;].  But it’s gonna be the last time that I’m gonna do this…[..for now].

I did a bit of [necessary] shopping after getting my cash, and I ended up buying this little fellow [owl] :3


Mononoke x Monochrome Factor

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I stayed at my apartment yesterday night instead of going to work.

While resting, I decided to watch Mononoke, a certain anime title which had me curious from the very first time that I saw it at Animax. I bought a complete cd set of it just the other day and I still haven’t finished watching it [ I kept on switching from this to Monochrome Factor ♥ ]

Mononoke is a really nice anime to watch, very really artistic, very different from the usual anime series that you’d watch. Though if you’re into action much, then this ain’t for you to watch.

I hope that Mononoke would have more episodes, or better, a season 2 but I guess, I’d better keep on wishing, huh?

Monochrome Factor

Anyway, Monochrome Factor, on the other hand…

I got caught with the art…but it did satisfy me, the shonen-ai part. Shirogane is a mixture of Akabane [Getbackers] and Abel [Trinity Blood] or maybe even Soubi [ Loveless ] joined into one mysteriously funny guy. I’m still not sure if I got a complete set of this anime [ since I randomly bought it out of curiosity due to, like what I’ve said, art]


Oldies but goodies ~movie marathon~

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I’ve been doing a lot of movie marathons lately since I often stay at my pad nowadays. , I started with doing anime marathons but I ended up watching movies more. So far, I’ve switched from genre to genre, from gore to horror to comedy to just anything oldie. All the old movies are really great.

I’ve missed watching those ♥


Poupee girl

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I’ve been a member of poupee girl way way back, I think just last year. Sadly though, my first account was closed by the administrations because I was using pictures from the net (which I know was really wrong)..

But I didn’t had any time to take pictures of my stuff ~ (  ; A ;  )

Anyway, after a few months, and when Poupee girl had stepped off the limelight of most of the people from the community, I re-registered with a new character named Quinn ♠

Quinn ♠ at Poupee Girl

Quinn ♠ at Poupee Girl

As anyone can see, I’m pretty poor here, literally. I’ve only got 21 ribbons (  T w T  ) so for anyone who plans to register here or is already a member, do add me up (  ^ -^  )

Hope I could post my stuff soon ;;


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