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Soul Eater ( Death the Kid ♥ )

Posted in Addictions with tags , , on 08.18.2009 by Redporno.Quinn

I’ve been doing a marathon of Soul Eater lately, and well, it didn’t really let me down.

Just like how I ended up liking KHR, really, the crack is fun.

Anyway, For the position of the most liked character, I personally like Death the Kid, mainly because he’s one crazy dude (symmetry freak).
But in cosplay terms, I’d like to do Tsubaki :D ( though her attitude is far from mine ;; )

Anyhow, since I’m now a Kid fun, Hope I could find this here:

Death the Kid

Death the Kid

Cute, yeah? :DD



Online Shopping.

Posted in Everyday life on 08.10.2009 by Redporno.Quinn

I’m a fan of the online world.
Not that I don’t enjoy the common way of shopping thru malls or shops, but somehow, there are also some items that one can only get thru the net.

I love buying online, and despite that I don’t have a Paypal account yet, there are, of course, other ways of paying the item bought online.

There’s COD or Meet-up: the buyer and seller meets up at a particular place and do their transaction there.

There’s GCASH and SMARTCash: if you’re using a Globe or Smart sim, you can take advance and use it also into paying from sim to sim. Just register from your network and then you can start paying your seller and they will ship your item straight to your house.

You can also do a bank transfer: If you have a bank account, all you have to do is deposit your payment thru your seller’s bank account (or something like that).

Another choice would be Western Union: all you have to do is go to a Western Union branch and follow their direction and you’re paid.

These are all the local ways of paying an item bought online.
I haven’t tried paying internationally because, like I’ve mentioned earlier, I still, don’t have a Paypal account (you need to have a credit card in order to register to one).
For international paying, you can also use Money order, Bank Transfer or Cash delivery (which is pretty dangerous).

Anyway, point in hand, I enjoy shopping online as much as I enjoy shopping the usual way.

Now, I’ve decided to sell some of my items as well since I have too much clothes and I have to de-clutter .

Here’s my site onto where you can see my items for sale



Posted in Everyday life with tags on 08.08.2009 by Redporno.Quinn

Before I started my current job,  I use to have a..well…’s sort of a job, but an unofficial one since.
My brother kind of shared to me his sideline into making this american website that sold different lighting stuff, and he asked me to edit all the needed photos for it while he does the ‘web-fixing’
I for one found this work easy, but it can also be a bit time-consuming.
I was given by my brother a maximum of 8-9 hours of work time using our PC, since he uses it when he comes home from work.
And yes, this job was done at home only, with the help of an internet connection (hence, the reason why we decided to have an internet connection).

Now, I was really busy back then, the pay was pretty good but the responsibility was a bit hard.
Though I did have my perks: 1. I can listen to music 2. Download 3. watch whatever I wanted while I pause for a break 4. and do whatever I can with an internet connection.

But the one disadvantage that I had was that, I wasn’t able to go out too often because I always had a deadline with the pictures and there were hundreds of ’em.

But, eventually, there came a point when this particular work ended, and that’s when I was on-training at my current work.

Now, whenever I see some of the products that I did at a certain place, I feel kinda..I don’t know, happy? kind of’s hard to explain, but the feeling’s nice.

Just ranting a bit ^^


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