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Pandora Hearts.

Posted in Addictions with tags on 07.16.2009 by Redporno.Quinn

I’ve been wanting to try to watch this anime but I’m still waiting for it to finish before watching it whole-ly.

‘coz  wanna watch it from beginning to end without any disturbances.

I also want to try reading the manga, so far, I’ve read the first volume only.

[ not owning your own PC can really be such a drag >_> ]




Posted in Everyday life with tags , on 07.14.2009 by Redporno.Quinn

Been missing out on the net world recently.
I’ve been coping up inside my apartment ever since I got sick.
and…sick-er now.
It’s become a bit complicated now though, I don’t want to spill anything until it’s almost okay to do so.
But Ive got a feeling that I would still be coping up my apartment up till next year [or maybe I’d go back home for a few days or vice versa].
I need to rest, because of of what I’ve been feeling, not only physically, but emotionally as well.
I’ve been doing a lot of marathons to take my mind off of things, animes, series and other movies and stuff.

Hope I could still update this still despite all of what’s happening.


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