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Newbie 8D

Posted in Everyday life with tags on 03.31.2009 by Redporno.Quinn

Newbie alert!
As custom with most blogging, I’ll do a little bit of introductory:

Call me Lei, taking up the pseudonym RedPorno and Megalomaniac*star.
I was known before as crazedmadhatter and madhatterlei but I’m changing all those names and decided to take this one.
I’m into Music, a lot of it, genre…any, more into jrock, dark wave and electronic though.
same goes for house and rock / punk-rock. I do admit that I tend to listen to a bit of pop a few times.
I love japanese street fashion and culture, I like blogging a lot, drawing here and reading random books there.
I’m also a bit of a collector, japanese magazines [cure, shoxx, shockwave, foolsmate, zy], jmusic cds, memorabilias and other stuff.
I’m a freshman with WordPress though I’ve been downloading some particular stuffs at random wordpress sites.
Know me more as I post a lot of random stuff here in my new site.
comments are freely accepted, by the way ^__^


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