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I know, I haven’t updated for almost a year. I just felt so lazy updating this, especially now that I barely have any access to any computer with an internet connection that I could use for free.  (no, I don’t like using my phone to update this site).

I probably need a month or two to fix this whole site (again) including my Live journal account so I can update them more comfortable (in my part).

So for the past few months, what had happened to me? I was able to attend this year’s Hot Air Balloon event over at Pampangga,  meet more people, celebrated my first year anniversary with my sweetheart, got my DSL, Camera, Phone, and wallet stolen in different accounts. Celebrated someone’s birthday at Jolibee ( this one just happened yesterday ).

So what else..AH! I joined in a cosplay group again after eons of years!

I’ll try to tell more of these stuff next time. (WHEN I have enough time to do so.) For now I still have to prepare for work.

Bye! :D



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Changed the header at long last. I’ll be updating this place a bit more, so please do look forward to that.


Quick uppie~

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I did a better, totally-simple-but-really-nice header of Shimei Ryomou, yes she is my current fandom, obviously.

Anyway, A lot of stuff had already happened and I haven’t even updated either this or my Livejournal. So I’ll try to fix all those when I get the chance, ASAP!


Dietrich <3

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I got a new baby, btw :D

It’s Dietrich, a Samsung B3310. I know, I’m not a total Phone geek but its been years since I was able to get my hands on a phone that I’d really love ( and prolly the first that I bought using my own cash too ). No Wifi though but its got a Wap. Im thinking of an upgrade but thats not my priority as of now.

Im not really sure were I got the name Dietrich. It just popped up of my mind all of a sudden while I was thinking of a name – something different from the usual Japanese names that I use ( my mp3’s name is Ryomou and my DSLite is Mono Shiro ;; ).

Anyway, I’m just happy <3

Townhall Aftermath.

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A totally late post. But anyway…

Okay, so for the last couple of weeks of July, I got preoccupied with doing the needed program for our townhall, like what I posted before, I was in charged of doing the PowerPoint presentation, video, music and picture editing, and during the whole show, I was the one navigating everything. A lot of stuff came up before and during the show but somehow, we were able to pull it all thru.

So anyway, during the pre-presentation, I had to fix the whole PowerPoint on the spot since I can’t do it at home because all of the needed infos for it are at work *faaaaaaaaaaail* I had, like around two hours and a half to do it, a total rush. Seriously, I was not satisfied with my work.

my wtf-ohnoes face D8

Also, another problem that occurred before the show was that, the videos that I converted to .AVI wasn’t working . I was in a shock, since it took me a whole week ( and I had to be absent for a day and sleepless for the rest of week ) just to finish doing those. Good thing though, one of my coworker had her ties with the local I.T. people, and this guy was able to help me out with my problem with the videos. He installed ( illegally ;; ) a different movie player in the computer that I was using so that we could use the videos. Had to delete that application right after the show though.

Obviously, I’m the gay perzan in the skull dress and glasses, we were camwhoring while the I.T. did his magic :3

So with that problem solved, our townhall started.

The nest problem that we encountered was, the projector’s remote was not working. Ugh. It was actually part of the plan to use the remote to turn off the projector while I changed applications – because despite the fact that I’m using the ALT+TAB shortcut, its still not a good thing to see how I do it in front of the audience. I got really frustrated with that one, plus, I was having a hard time to not let the audience see the judge’s scores, since I had to literally type the scores on the spot as well. Those last two problems wasn’t solved and I was down right sad with it.

Everyone said though, that I did a great job with everything, the effort that I gave was really appreciated.

I don’t know. I wasn’t personally satisfied and somehow, I promised myself that next time, it would all be better. The glitches this time was really bad, next time, If there would be glitches, it would be minor that no one would notice. Since I’m not totally perfect and I’m still learning everything.

There is still a next time, I know. >3

New Header up!

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Just a quick change here, I was planning on changing the header for the longest time (I think I’ve said that before ;;) and haven’t got the chane to make a decent one for weeks since I was either busy or….the pc wasn’t available for my usage.

Anyway, for now, I made a really simple one featuring one of my favorite characters from the anime Ikki Tousen, Shimei Ryomou – a shy and timid girl, always the serious type. However, she’s got a split personality – a psychosexual one that dresses up in sexy french maid outfits with a hint of bondage, specializes  in submission wrestling moves, throws, and joint attacks, which she uses with her weapon of choice: handcuffs. ( i know, pretty kinky ;; ).

Anyway, I might change it again one of these days when I get the chance, but I’d still be featuring Shimei.


okay…i guess this is the first time I’ve used a female-a-bit-ecchi-looking type of header ;;

Audacity and the presentation ( and a little bit more )

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We use to have this monthly townhall – an hour (or so…) of programs, presenting the process’ progress over the weeks and to know who of all the agents were really doing their job.

But when this year started, the management decided to make the townhall a quarterly event instead of the usually monthly thing. Reason? to save up enough money for other stuff and to make the townhall a bit more exciting than usual, since its now a quarterly thing ( this, of course, is in my own opinion only ;; ).

So now, our team is in charge of the upcoming townhall for this quarter, with our team mate, Rhy in charge of the whole thing. He, in the mean time, gave me the honors of doing all the technical stuff ( back to the shadows as usual 8D ). Well. he also gave me the choice of doing any random performances to entertain the crowd, but sadly, I’m not the entertainer type so its better off that I’m the technical guy :D

Anyway, right now, I’m working on the sounds, had to cut out some parts and stuff. My brother told me to use to program called Audacity, but I fail at it obviously since it’s my first time using said application ;;

Lol, Plurk at the background. But, yeah, that’s how my screen almost looks like right now, had some notes, listening to some party music to figure out what more to use for the program and crap.

Hope I’d be able to finish all of this with a week and a half or so ):

– – – –

Oh, and yeah, I’m kinda enjoying the playlist that my colleague lended me, LOL, party, house and trance all in one <3

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